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international film festival

MOMO International Film Festival is an independent film festival, located in Los Angeles California, which is the Movie Capital of the World. By combining a vibrant local social scene with a state-of-the-art cinema, every filmmaker and film lover is sure to be impressed and delighted with the theater and surrounding location.
MOMO International Film Festival  provides the kind of intimate festival experience that will change your life.
Our vision for the MOMO International Independent Short Film Festival is that it will become an annual 'must do' for Filmmakers who wish to combine networking, brainstorming, soaking up great films and chilling in one of the most desirable spots on this Planet.
Our main goal is to give more opportunities for filmmakers to be taken seriously in the industry. A laurel or certificate could certainly help with that!


We're looking for the most exciting and innovative storytelling in different genres, films that challenge and inspire audiences.We believe that every film we watch, shapes the future of the industry and the world around it.Our festival is globally orientated, meaning we accept films from all over the world.There are no limits on when or where a film was produced and as well its cost.We are committed to promote new filmmakers projects and showcase their films to international audiences.Our festival is more than just a screening space - it is an opportunity to meet like-minded people and to bridge the gap between audiences and film creators.All winners will be screened at our public Live Event.


Okan Yazıcı

Festival Director

After his academic education on photography MOMO International Film Festival founder and director Okan, created advertising and promotion of the significant brands in his own production company. He has continued his career taking food and advertising photos of Turkey's lead brands, then he became international film festival director. He was a director of Cinevana Istanbul and area producer at 48Film Turkey.

His Independent Films and Video Art works have been shown in the important cities and centers of the world, including the Carnegie Museums of Art.

In addition to directing the MOMO film festival, he still continues to work on independent films that he wrote and directed in Los Angeles and Istanbul.

Mübeccel Esen Yazıcı

Festival Director

Mübeccel Esen Yazici, the Founder of MOMO International Film Festival,

has many years of industry experience in a variety of roles, including as

48 Film Festival Turkey Producer, Director of Cinevana Istanbul Film Festival, actress on commercial and TV series, host on Tv Shows that prepared by herself, independent films and video art works which she acted as an actress and producer, participation in about thirty international film festivals. In addition to directing MOMO international Film Festival she still continues her independent films as an actress and producer.


Ayşen Türkay

Area Producer

Born and raised in Istanbul, Aysen is a multi-talented journalist, screenwriter, producer, and casting director with extensive experience in the film industry. 

Over the years, her works have been showed at prestigious TV channels in Turkey. As a film festival producer, she is devoted to selecting high quality films and organizing successful events.



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